About Us

Today’s Lift is an online publication founded on the singular purpose to Impact, Inspire and Uplift lives through its daily circulation of informative-cum-inspiring articles meticulously written and compiled by our writers to achieve its intended objective for our readers: impartation inspiration, and upliftment.

Initially, we started off on a Whatsapp Platform where we’ve churned out countless numbers of articles on daily basis to a group of over 400 students in Olabisi Onabanjo University.

We took a leap of faith last year to reach a wider audience by starting a blogsite, however, our tame efforts coupled with poor strategy led to the untimely end of that first trial. Consequently, we returned to “blogging on Whatsapp.”

The need to go on the blog, however, has never been more pressing. We took the bull by the horn, and here we are!

Today’s Lift is now officially live on www.todayslift.org, and with an array of programs and plans intended to serve our readers cutting-edge motivational writeups as never read before anywhere else.

Welcome aboard!